Individualism in design

Witehauz embodies a complete passion for individualism in design. We have a strong focus on brands with a high level of innovation, quality, and sustainability.

A personal interior is a reflection of the individual’s core, which is expressed through conscious choices. Witehauz is a partner with an eye for the entire process, for the individual choice and complete interior design.

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An inherited passion

The conscious choice in individual interior design influences future generations. Design icons, created more than 50 years ago, are just as relevant today as they were back then, even though their expression and value may have changed.

The passion for design is inherited through many generations. The choice you make today lives on tomorrow, and we must therefore not compromise. Your choice reflects individualism and quality.

The individual environment

As people, we have a natural desire to be able to mirror ourselves in our surroundings. The environment around us affects us both mentally and physically – which is why interior design is more than just a matter of aesthetics.

When the boundary between work and private life melts together, the need for conscious interior design with a substance arises. A need for design that creates the framework for a perfect life.


Witehauz represents European top design in Scandinavia. Our ambition is to present a hand-picked collection of high-level international design brands with an innovative and reflective view on product design.

Witehauz has more than 25 years of experience in the interior design industry. This is reflected in our choices when we connect the industry with new, innovative, design successes. We work with dealers all over Scandinavia.

Morten Rugaard Elsig

Visualise your unique brand

Witehauz is your go-to partner for interior design solutions. We connect you with international interior collections that will strengthen your visual brand and core narrative. The interior design creates the framework for a unique holistic experience within your company.

Create your own brand identity in your interior

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The sustainable choice

Witehauz takes responsibility for sustainable development and we demand high standards from our partners. We contribute to the work with sustainable design, which is produced locally in Europe from long-lasting materials.

That is our conscious choice.

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